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Landscape Service in  Baton Rouge Over the past ten years Native Outdoor Solutions under the principal direction of Ronald Ericson has worked in the broad spectrum of the Green Industry including working successfully with homeowners and commercial developers. Our Baton Rouge Landscaping company has planned, installed, and managed many projects, ranging in price from one thousand dollars to over one million dollars in construction cost. The company has well trained employees who have been working in the green industry for many years.

Native Outdoor Solutions experience in construction includes landscape planning, Outdoor living areas, water features; Outdoor kitchens, planting; hardscape pavements; Subdivision Entries; fencing; night lighting; drainage; grading, irrigation, and maintenance. The work of the firm has lead to several accolades which include having one of our customers featured in Better Home and Gardens Magazine, perhaps the top ranked garden design magazine in the nation. Native Outdoor Solutions has also been honored with the award “Best in Show” at the Capital Region Builders Association Home and Habitat Expo. The management style of the firm as well as dedicated management and employees have led to its broad success.

Our projects are well thought out, planned and then executed with precision to meet time and budget constraints posed by our clients. Through proactive management, executing a well designed plan, and effective communication we provide our clients very a solid product that exactly meets their needs. Native Outdoor Solutions delivers to their clients a finished landscape that feels right, functions well, and looks beautiful. Our management team and employees when faced with on the spot decisions, adversity, and problems always find a way to make the right decision to keep the project on schedule and on budget. With years of experience, management becomes more focused and determined to complete projects in a way that make customers proud that they have chosen Native Outdoor Solutions.

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Landscaping Solutions


Our Baton Rouge Landscape Planning specialist includes a total outdoor solution from effective irrigation to stunning poolscapes, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, shade structures, and much more. An entire industry has sprung up providing materials and equipment for home poolscapes. […]

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Outdoor Kitchens


We also install our superior outdoor kitchens to add to home’s beauty and functionality. The rising popularity of outdoor kitchens in the Baton Rouge area has created a market that is starting to get very competitive and with extremely attractive plans and prices. […]

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